ArduFocuser Server Deploy

For deploy own INDI Server, we are user a popular, cheap computer called Raspbery Pi.

The OS image base is Rasbian and we istalled the tools:

  • Java Environemet
  • Arduino IDE
  • KStar Desktop INDI client
  • Netbeans Java IDE
  • INDI2Java Server with Ardufocuser INDI2Java Driver

All system dependences for example librxtx-java.

For run Server with Ardufocuser Driver you need execute this script.


                # Initial Beep.
                python /home/pi/Desktop/ardufocuser_indidriver/

                # Run Server INDI and Driver Modules.
                java  -Djava.library.path=/usr/lib/jni -cp /usr/share/java/RXTXcomm.jar \
                      -jar /home/pi/Desktop/ardufocuser_indidriver/I4JServer/dist/I4JServer.jar \

For convenience this service auto run when the system turn on, with init.d entry.

Download Rapbindi Distribution

Custom Raspbery Distribution with all INDI tools and services.

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