Ardufocuser INDI Driver

What are INDI drivers?

INDI driver is what communicates directly to your device. A driver may connect to one or more physical devices. It is responsible for controlling the device parameters and for defining them to clients. Drivers send a list of supported device properties to clients where they are parsed and presented to the end users.

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Ardufocuser INDI Driver?

For the project it is necesary implement our own driver. IndiForJava already have a generic Focuser driver with basic properties. Ardufocuser Driver inherited from generic Focuser Driver and add some properties.

You can download the Ardufocuser INDI Driver source code in this link.


Ardufocuser Properties

Description Read/Write Permision INDI Property Min/Max, Step Value
Current focus position Read and Write INDINumber MinimumAbsPos
Speed Focuser Engine Read and Write INDINumber 1
Focuser is moving Only Read INDISwitchOneOrNone -
Steep per manual pulse Read and Write INDINumber 1
Themperature Only Read INDINumber -
Hardware Limit Only Read INDISwitch -
Software Limit Only Read INDISwitch -
Relative Position Only Write INDINumber MinimumAbsPos
LCD Lighting Read and Write INDISwitch -

INDI Driver System Diagram

INDI Driver Class Diagram