ArduFocuser Features

The main features of th ArduFocuser solution are:

  1. As FREE as it can be: All the source code (for the firmware, INDI driver and focusing software) is offered with GPL v3.0 license. Thus, feel free to grab the code from the repositories, study it, and improve it :-)
  2. It is a full focusing solution: From the basic hardware components, to the firmware and the driver to higher level software, we provide all the information to correctly implement your focusing solution.
  3. Cheap: To build the full featured version of ArduFocuser costs about 60€ (reatil component prices), which is much less than other commercial solutions. However, the price can be cut down in a important ratio if not original components (Arduino, Pololu...) are used.
  4. It has a nice enclosure case: We have additionally designed a nice case to include all components and parts. Just laser cut it from a 3mm methacrylate sheet (or any other material of your choice), glue some parts and you'll have a professional looking device.
  5. INDI compatible: We have developed a INDI driver that allows the use of the ArduFocuser in many existing astronomical software (as KStars, Ekos, Observatorio Remoto CCDCiel...).
  6. Temperature sensor: ArduFocuser is equipped with a temperature sensor which can be used to trigger the autofocusing procedures. Moreover, it could be used to implement temperature compensation routines.
  7. Manual control: There are moments when you need to adjust focus without any computer assistance. ArduFocuser comes with a Nunchuk that allows to focus without even touching your telescope, thus minimizing vibrations.
  8. Automatic control: If you prefer to control the focus of you scope from your computer, you can do it. Moreover, as the ArduFocuser driver is based in INDI, you can directly control it remotely.
  9. Built from standard components: Every component to build ArduFocuser can be easily bought in your favourite electronics shop or online.
  10. Well documented: One of the main goals in this project is to document everything to ease the construction and operation of the ArduFocuser.
  11. Expandable: As the project is free, there is still room for improvement. And remember, if you improve the ArduFocuser... share it!