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About ArduFocuser

ArduFocuser has been designed and constructed as a final project to obtain the Computer Science degree of José Miguel López in the Univerisity of Granada. He has been supervised by S. Alonso (a.k.a. Zerjillo) who is quite interested in Astronomy.

In addition, Gustavo and Antonio Román have collaborated in the construction of the prototypes, new ideas for the project, some beta testing as well as in documenting the construction process in both video and still photographs.

José Miguel

José Miguel López
Main Developer

Student in Computer Science degree of the University of Granada, Web Application Developer and Free Hardware enthusiastic. I enjoy learning new technologies and play with Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. I'm always trying to find a new functionality and the oportunity to solve daily problems with technology.


Sergio Alonso (a.k.a. Zerjillo)

Zerjillo is an associate professor in the Software Engineering Department of the University of Granada. In his free time, he is quite interested in Astronomy, developing hardware / software for astronomy and collaborating with professional astronomers in different observational projects.

Gustavo Román

Gustavo Román
Handyman & Cameraman

Gustavo is the co-owner of a goods repair shop in Granada. He enjoys constructing and repairing all kinds of tools / machines. Moreover, he is quite interested in photography and film making.

Antonio Román
Beta Testing

Apart from his work in his goods repair shop (with his brother Gustavo), Antonio is an amateur astronomer with special interest in the observation of quite faint astronomical objects and events with his quite big telescope.