ArduFocuser - A free astronomical focusing solution

A Full Focusing Solution

We provide a full focusing solution which is designed at 4 different levels:

  1. Hardware (even with a nice case!)
  2. Firmware
  3. Driver
  4. Software (focusing algorithms)

Easy to Build & Use

We have documented every one of the aspects of ArduFocuser in order to make it as easy to build and use as possible.

As Free As It Can Be

Everything you need to build and use ArduFocuser is completely free (as in freedom).

And even better: the costs for the hardware parts are far below any other commercial focusing solution.

  • Free!
  • Well documented.
  • Full focusing solution: from hardware, firmware and driver to higher level software.
  • INDI compatible: it runs with well stablished astronomical software.
  • Cheap: The hardware costs for the full solution is about 60$, but it can be reduced even more!
  • Both manual and computer assisted modes of work.
  • With a temperature sensor to allow temperature compensation focusing.